"Its time to transform the world of training. It's time to evolve from common, outdated coaching methods, and elevate athletes towards their situational and genetic potential."
-Trever Gray



Owner, Streamlined Coaching

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition at Tacoma Community College

With the unique perspective of over thirty years of success as a swimmer and as a coach combined with an advanced degree in human physiology, Trever has developed new training methods using experience and science to change the way we train.


By tapping into the body's complex 'operating system', and the athletes innate awareness and drive to succeed, he unlocks the ability to truly train smarter.


With in-depth scientific study as well as real life success stories, Trever's customized training plans deliver an approach found nowhere else. Take the plunge and unlock your highest potential. 

  • Coach for 15 years including club/masters/collegiate/high school

    • Coached swimmers to Olympic Trials/National Championships​/State Champions; WIAA coach of the year (2000)

  • Swimmer for 30 years; Triathlete for 10 years

    • 2016 U.S. Masters Swimming All Star; 2x Olympic Trials Qualifier himself (1996/2000), Ranked top 16 in the world in 200 backstroke (2000); University of Arizona All-American and school record holder

    • 2007 Hamburg BG Triathlon World Championships - 17th

  • M.Sc. Integrative Human Physiology​

    • Integration of knowledge from multiple sciences including anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, metabolism, exercise physiology, nutrition, psychology, and statistics.

  • B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition