Elevated training

what is this swim ‘team’?

The first science based, HRV-guided, athlete-centered, comprehensive, high-performance coaching for swimmers.


This micro-team utilizes exercise-science based training programs which holistically encompasses pool training and technique, auxiliary training, sports nutrition, sports psychology, and associated recovery strategies geared towards maximizing potential of a group of about 6-10 swimmers.

How This Training Environment Works

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Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training, as well as aspects of traditional training, will be used as the platform for physical training

  • Maximum 45 to 90-minute practices (that's all that is physiologically and mentally needed)

In addition to the minimum effective  swimming stimulus, sleep, nutrition, and auxiliary training are also critical in the development of an athlete.

  • Sports nutrition will be taught to the athletes and parents (who are buying the food). An essential pool of macro and micro-nutrients determines how quickly and effectively the body re-builds itself from a training stimulus. Nutrition is as important as the training.

  • Effective sleeping habits and patterns will be taught to parents and athletes. Even with the most state-of-the-art training and nutritional program available, an athlete will fail to adapt and will not achieve their goals without proper sleep.

  • Yoga

  • Strength Training


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Heart rate variability (HRV) is the amount of time between successive heart beats. This is measured in milliseconds. The two branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, are the primary factors determining an individual’s HRV.  Overall stress levels, sleep patterns, and training load all impact the nervous system and therefore HRV.


We can now quantify and monitor training and its effect on the mental and physical adaptations necessary to perform better through HRV monitoring. This ensures each athlete’s training load is optimized according to their capacity to do so –– not undertrained, not over-trained. I can help ensure the right amount of physical stimulus is applied at any given time that leads to smarter and faster swimming. Physiological monitoring also leads to better athlete well-being, further enhancing performance.

With HRV monitoring, I can also gain insight into critical training components including –

  • Actual training volume and intensity analysis

  • Increased potential for injury

  • Sleep habits (time and quality)

  • Relative fitness level

  • Motivation and training monotony

  • Fatigue levels

  • Muscle soreness

  • Mental energy


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Athlete Centered Coaching (ACC) is a performance theory that goal-oriented athletes have innate tendencies to develop their own physical and mental capacities to succeed. Compared with a traditional coaching style, which is characterized by a dependency upon the coach and very little athlete input, the ACC coach emphasizes a collaborative relationship between coach and athlete where the athletes are expected to help analyze, reflect, and make decisions regarding their training and racing.


A strong, communicative interpersonal relationship between the athlete and coach is imperative within an ACC program.


An athlete-centered coach gradually relinquishes control as the athlete progresses towards knowing themselves through athletic failure and achievement. The ACC coach holistically develops these failures and successes. The athlete then becomes liberated, adaptable, and self-confident in their athletic pursuits. The athlete is then able to fully express their genetic potential fully.


Who I'm Looking to Work With

I’m looking to work with swimmers age 14/15 and older swimmers who are passionate about the sport and who wish to put in the amount of work and focus required to attain the most difficult of physical accomplishments including the attainment of college scholarships, national championship qualifications, Olympic trials qualifications, NAG top ten placements.

Casual competitors will not be accepted.

Why Choose to Work With Me

I’m Trever Gray, an impassioned practitioner of human performance with over 30 years as a swimmer and coach in the sport of swimming. I’m currently a professor of anatomy & physiology and nutrition at Tacoma Community College. I’ve coached swimmers to the Olympic Trials and national championships and was a 2-time Olympic Trials qualifier myself who swam for the University of Arizona. Athlete and parent will be working closely with me to achieve our goals. You should know why I’m qualified to coach you. In addition to reaching the highest levels of the sport (top 16 world ranking, 2000, 200 backstroke), I have the scientific degrees to implement a state-of-the-art training program. I have achieved a Master of Science in Integrative Human Physiology which includes:


  • Integration of knowledge from multiple sciences including anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, metabolism, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, psychology, and statistics.

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science including courses in coaching and competitive ethics.

  • Minor in Nutrition.


USA Swimming coach member

CPR/First Aid​

Swim coaches safety training

Background check

SafeSport Athlete Protection Training

LET'S get started – 253-304-2391