Coaching philosophy

Traditional training programs are built around the assumption that mechanical stress (movement) is the only dictator of biological adaptations to stress. In reality, a complex interaction of biochemical and psychobiological sequence of interactions occur within the body and mind before training adaptations result.


In addition to mechanical stress, adaptation depends upon genetic inheritance, acute and chronic training history, nutritional profile, emotional state, cognitive load, belief, time constraints, and expectations pre and post-training. Heart Rate Variability allows an insiders look into all of the factors - the cumulative stress load - that determine training effectiveness*

Compared to a traditional directorial style of coaching, which is characterized by a dependency upon the coach and little, if any athlete input, an Athlete-Centered coach emphasizes a collaborative relationship between coach and athlete. The athletes are instinctually expected to help analyze, reflect, and make decisions regarding planning, execution, and refinement of training and racing. A strong, communicative interpersonal relationship between the athlete and coach is imperative in an Athlete-Centered program. Ideally, an Athlete-Centered coach gradually relinquishes control as the athlete progresses towards noce te ipsum, knowing thyself through athletic failure and achievement. The ACC coach holistically develops the athlete who then becomes emancipated, adaptable, and self-confident in their athletic pursuits.

*Kiely, John. "Periodization Theory: Confronting an Inconvenient Truth." Sports Medicine (2017): 1-12.

key components

By utilizing scientific programing tools, as well as good old fashion hard work to optimize performance, we can take your training to the next level. These are just a few of the elements incorporated into your training plan. 

Heart rate variability (HRV) – an objective estimation of autonomic nervous system function – provides a biological indicator of current stress conditions, both mechanical and psychobiological. Using the HRV4Training app, available for iOS and Android, Streamlined Coaching makes objective decisions regarding training and racing. No other online swimming coaching platform utilizes this technology.

Heart Rate


Mood States Questionnaire's (MSQ) are reflective of your stress levels and provide effective measure's against overtraining. Combined with HRV, MSQ are valuable tools utilized by Streamlined Coaching that no other program employs. 

Mood State's


Why are workouts 2 hours? Why aren't they 3 hours? Why not 1 hour? The science simply does not exist that proves that volume or intensity needs to be a set amount. Streamlined coaches work with your training history, time constraints, and goals to help you formulate your ideal training schedule. Then, with HRV and MSQ, we can ensure the training program is effective. 

Training Schedule