What will I gain from this program?

With the full coaching program, you will get an comprehensive individualized training program that is meaningful, motivating, and effective. Heart rate variability is used to ensure training efficacy. 

Why is a six month contract necessary?​

Heart ​Rate Variability (HRV) is the best tool science currently offers to monitor adaptation in a non-invasive manner. But it's not perfect. HRV is best used over a long period of time - months - hence, the six month time period. This makes sense as consistent training adaptations also take months to manifest themselves*. The longer you use HRV and interpret the readings, the better Streamlined coaches can make adjustments to your training making them more and more relevant and beneficial.

*Physiological dynamics state muscle cell turnover occurs every six months, give or take. 

Does Streamlined Coaching know about USRPT and if I should use it?

Yes, all coaches know how to implement USRPT into your training program. After the initial consultation, Streamlined coaches can determine if USRPT is right for you.


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